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VIDOCQ stands behind some of the most powerful institutions with risk advisory, investigations, intelligence, monitoring, and planning services. Our services are provided to private clients, corporations, institutions, public agencies, governments, and NGOs.


Our consultants are influential, innovative and progressive, each with over 30 years of experience.  We've helped thousands protect what's important. We can help you too.



Vigilance in high-stakes matters.

Obtain vigilant risk solutions before, during or after regulatory proceedings, disputes and investigations. VIDOCQ RISK clients' win commercial, legal, and private disputes through our targeted risk and  investigation solutions. We minimize risk through monitoring integrity, mitigating uncertainties, and providing exceptional outcomes — discreetly. 



VIDOCQ reduces risk and helps our clients live wealthier lives. We take on complex cases that challenge our ability to think outside the box and help our clients win favorable victories and secure their companies, families, and reputations.

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We adopt to the seriousness of our client’s commission in each engagement we embark on. We leverage our multi-disciplined team across time zones and languages  to accomplish your goals.


We work to truly understand the goals of the mission and work together with you to ensure we provide solutions that support your success with actionable intelligence. 


When our clients' need to make important decisions, the rely on the incisive advisory of VIDOCQ RISK. We provide critical information that aids in making legal, private and business decisions.


Our platform is ever-evolving to meet the commercial risks and private client matters that face our clients' today. We monitor integrity and systems on behalf of our clients' using our elite capabilities and multi-disciplinary team.

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E.F. Vidocq publicised his disdain for criminals. Vidocq's advertising flyers state: "Hatred for rascals. Boundless devotion to commerce" — emphasizing his committment to the business issues that plagued Paris in the 1800s. He went after the crooks and fraudsters in a big way, putting hundreds behind bars.

Lion and Snake 1799 Samuel William Reynolds  (1773–1835)


Countries  We've Worked In


Clients Served Worldwide


Years Of Service

Heritage & Legacy

Established in 1833 E.F. Vidocq was the first private investigator. Vidocq started his agency by helping his commercial clients mitigate risk while doing business, and working for influential private clients of his day. Today, Eugène-Franoçois Vidocq  and our VIDOCQ RISK™ product carry on in the legacy started 190 years ago.

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Private clients who enjoy a bespoke experience hire   VIDOCQ RISK for a boutique approach to personal matters. We selectively work with clients that understand the value of substance over form.


We provide business and industry meaningful intellectual property audits and investigations, competitive intelligence, find sources of fraud, and check backgrounds of key personnel.


We support litigators and attorneys with research and analytics with pinpoint accuracy and ethically sourced intelligence.

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