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Robert Charles Dudley  1826-1909

Telegraph Cable Fleet at Sea, 1865

Cyber Risk Practice

VIDOCQ RISK offers commercial, legal and private clients a full range of cyber security and investigation services. Whether at your Kuala Lumpur office or at your home in New York, our cyber assets are at your disposal no matter where the mission may take us.

Companies benefit from 25 years of practice experience by our practice leader. Whether you are looking to trace malicious hackers, perform penetration testing or network your high-net-worth home, we work for clients who appreciate our boutique approach and stellar track record.


Don Hartung Cyber Risk Partner EF VIDOCQ



San Francisco, California


Cyber Risk by VIDOCQ RISK covers a multitude of present day concerns. We help lawyers uncover factual information they can use to win disputes. We help companies discover new opportunities in any global market, we secure cyber operations for companies and small business. We also conduct deep dives into social media to aid in supplementary investigative missions. 

Bureau of Information is in our name. Eugène François Vidocq used Bureau de Renseignemens (Bureau of Information) as part of his company name and we hold true to that tradition. These words are especially meaningful today, where we live in an information economy. Information and intelligence is the life blood of VIDOCQ RISK in all we do, and Cyber is no exception.


"Don is an outstanding professional in the filed of cybersecurity. I have no issue with making this reference on his behalf."

M. Baskin, Esq.

Cyber Security, Investigations & Forensics

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John Mix Stanley 1814-1872

"Indian Telegraph"